Unlimited audio enhancement starting at $149/month

For one fixed monthly price, greatly improve your unique sound, with an added touch from our music producers

How it works

Send in your raw work with requests, and expect a finished product in 1-2 days:
  • 1Submit your request
  • 2Our audio enigeer and/or musician works on it
  • 3They do as many revisions as necessary
  • 4We don't quit a request until you're satisfied

Who it's for

Anyone looking to clean up and finalize their product
  • Musicians
  • podcasts
  • general audio recorders
  • youtubers
  • audiobook authors
  • contain creators.

What we can do

  • Master and mix recordings
  • remove unwanted sounds
  • produce music for you
  • add music to videos
  • create musical compositions for any purpose.

Our work

Background noise cancellation
Adding a soundtrack to a video
Original compositions
News intro:
Old school beat:
Trenches (Feat. 2rell) by Don Neileon and Upright (music production)
Ride by Young Basha and Socky (music production)


14 day money back guarantee. Cancel at any time.


  • Mastering
  • Mixing
  • Background noise cancellation
  • Unwanted sound removal
  • Dedicated audio engineer
  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited revisions


All LIGHT plan features


  • Transitions
  • Unlimited compositions from our library
  • Unlimited music compositions

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Frequently Asked Questions

With the purchase of the LIGHT plan, your submitted work can be mixed, mastered and edited. We can remove unwanted sounds such as background noise, as well as loud s’s and m’s.

In the PREMIUM plan, all the features of the LIGHT plan are included, as well as music made by our producers, added right on your recording, which can be transitioned as requested.

You can make as many requests as you want, the only limitation is the time it takes to complete them. As soon as we’re finished a request, we move to the next one.

It may be anything but most popular are podcasts, music compositions, music intro, interviews and others.

Our team will work on your projects every business day, and you should expect your work back in 1-3 days. The turnaround time depends on the amount and intricacy of your requests. In terms of music production, you should expect a result in 3-5 days after submitting.

Our engineers are proven professionals, but it's not always possible to remove all unwanted sounds due to the nature of the sound record.
If an unwanted sound is as loud as the main, and overlaps with it, removing it will make the sound seem unnatural. For example, say you were recording a song, and a dog barks very loud at the same time you were pronouncing something, removing the dog from the recording would make your voice sound almost robotic.

Currently, we work through email, GoogleDrive, Slack/Discord, and messengers, but we’re willing to adapt to your prefered platform. After signing up, an audio technician/ producer will contact you through email, and you can discuss preferences and send your unfinished work.
As a way to see what changes we made to your file, we can use a version control application, which shows updates and versions of the original file. We are also working on our own project management tool that will allow you to upload files directly from our website and see the history and versions in one place.

You keep full rights, even if music or sounds are added. All of our work is made from scratch.

What our clients say

I found this service very convenient and an efficient way to improve the quality of my podcast recordings. Paying a fixed rate, I don't worry about how many requests I submit. 5 stars, no doubt!

Ryan Lohkamp, podcast host and musical producer